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Sharon Klinck


OAMFT Clinical Fellow

I am a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist (A/OAMFT) and a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO) in Ontario. I am also a Registered Sex Therapist in Ontario (BESTCO). I offer individual and couple therapy to adults for ‘general therapy’ issues as well as sex therapy as a specialized service. Issues individuals might bring to therapy include life transition concerns, personal stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, past and current trauma. Couples may be concerned about loss of trust, poor communication, extended family issues and sexual concerns. I offer sex therapy services to both individuals and couples. Issues clients bring to sex therapy may include feelings of loss of intimacy, differences in level of sexual interest/desire, painful intercourse, erection and ejaculation concerns, difficulty discussing sexual issues with partner, medical issues affecting sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity issues and sexual enhancement questions. Therapy (and sex therapy) provides a supportive atmosphere where heterosexual & GLBTTQ couples and individuals can talk about life issues with a knowledgeable therapist who is comfortable dealing with a variety of issues.

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Location: 15 Clyde Street, Perth, ON, Canada
Phone: 613-282-4363

Registered Marriage & Family Therapist

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