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The OAMFT Media Centre is designed to help you learn more about marriage and family therapy and answer questions regarding the practice and the profession in Ontario.

Here you will find General Information about  OAMFT. OAMFT offers experienced marriage and family therapists as expert spokespersons on matters related to marriage, couple and family issues in Canada and around the world.  Please contact Shyamala Kiru for more information on availability.

We also have relationship experts who specialize in the following areas:

  • New couples and marriage
  • Military families
  • Gay, lesbian or bisexual relationships
  • Aging
  •  Workplace communication and relationships
  • Teens, children and parents
  • Mental health and trauma
  • Separation, divorce and post-marriage relations
  •  …and many others

Media Relations at OAMFT is managed by
Shyamala Kiru, DMin, RP, RMFT

Shyamala can be reached at 647-899-8003 or you can email her.
Shyamala will answer questions or arrange an interview with a specific OAMFT member.

General Information About OAMFT

OAMFT serves its members, the profession, and the public through these areas:

Marriage and family therapists affirm that all members of society should be treated fairly and equitably, and that it is the responsibility of governments to ensure public justice for all, respecting the rights of all people. In a pluralistic society such as Canada, public justice requires that marginalized individuals and groups receive the active protection of government. Justice demands that governments recognize and support the diversity of beliefs, convictions, cultures and lifestyles that exist within their jurisdictions, and likewise respect and protect the integrity of faith communities. Likewise, governments are responsible for establishing legal sanctions against practices that are discriminatory or abusive of other individuals, groups or communities.

Marriage and family therapists work with a wide diversity of individuals, couples, and families. As an organization committed to public justice for all persons and families, OAMFT does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, physical or intellectual disabilities, economic class, political or religious conviction. We also respect the beliefs of our members and their right and freedom to work according to their conscience.

All OAMFT members must adhere to a very high standard of practice as outlined in the Code of Ethics of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Members are conscious of their specialized skills and responsibilities and maintain professional boundaries. They are dedicated to advancing the welfare of families, couples and individuals are respectful of the privacy and confidences of their clients. The process for filing, investigating and resolving complaints of unethical conduct is described here.

Public Service
From time to time, OAMFT conducts public awareness programs to help people understand more about couple and family relationships, and about the role of professional therapy in preventing and solving the problems that may arise personally and in relationships.

Public Education
Website resources and articles also encourage people to gather information that help solve personal, couple and family difficulties and build healthy relationships.

OAMFT staff and members provide factual material on individual, couple and family problems to newspapers, television, radio and magazines. OAMFT members are invited to speak to various citizen groups and write articles for periodicals and professional journals.

If you are interested in having a member speak to your group on a relationship matter, please contact:

Membership Standards
OAMFT Membership is held at five levels:

  • Clinical Fellows are known in Canada as RMFTs– Registered Marriage and Family Therapists. It is the credentialed level of membership in the AAMFT. Clinical Fellows have met the rigorous standards of training in marriage and family therapy and are recognized worldwide for these standards. There are two tracks that will allow one to become a Clinical Fellow in the Association.
  • Member – Members of the Association shall have attained and hold a current independent (private) practice license in a mental health field other than an MFT, as defined by the Board that legally authorizes practitioners to provide services to individuals, couples and families.
  • Pre-Clinical Fellows are individuals who have completed a master’s or doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy from a regionally accredited educational institution, or an equivalent course of study, and is completing the post degree supervised clinical hours toward licensure for independent practice.
  • Approved Supervisors are Clinical Fellows who have received additional training and supervision in order to meet the rigourous requirements to achieve this status.
  • Associate members are individuals who submit proof of an official designation indicating they have met all educational requirement for licensure or certification in a mental health profession other than marriage and family therapy and are completing the post graduate clinical hours to practice independently in a mental health field other than MFT.
  • Student members are those that are enrolled in a graduate marriage and family therapy program or an equivalent graduate mental health program, which can reasonably be expected to lead to qualifications as a Clinical Fellow or Member of AAMFT.
  • Affiliate members are individuals in a field related to marriage and family therapy other mental health discipline but not licensed nor have any plans to deliver mental health services independently. Individuals who are licensed to practice marriage and family therapy or any other mental health discipline independently will not qualify for Affiliate Membership and should apply under one of the mental health track applications.

OAMFT monitors and responds to proposed public policy changes affecting couples and families. OAMFT advocated for same-sex relationships. OAMFT is also actively involved in advocating for the regulation of the profession of couple and family therapy. Regular submissions are made by the Legislative Committee to provincial ministries to advocate for government recognition of Registered Marriage and Family Therapists.

Professional Education
As a Division of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, OAMFT is involved in defining and promoting criteria for the education and training of marital and family therapists. The Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education sets standards for graduate and post-graduate training programs. In addition, the Commission on Education of OAMFT is instrumental in encouraging the development of graduate level courses in several Ontario universities. Click here for more information about training opportunities.

All OAMFT members receive the publications of AAMFT. The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy is an academic journal publishing research and examining relevant couple and family therapy issues and models of therapy. The Family Therapy News updates professionals on current issues in the field and the activities of AAMFT.

Professional Development
OAMFT collaborates with other agencies and professionals to bring together leaders in the field of family therapy who provide workshops and seminars emphasizing developments in theory, practice and research.

On an annual basis, OAMFT hosts a professional networking day when members attend a variety of workshops.

OAMFT regional groups provide educational and professional networking meetings throughout the province.