Office Space for Rent

Have you ever dreamt of enjoying an elite office and watching your practice grow and flourish? Then, welcome to your new office space.

I am a therapist in Concord and I have a beautiful 1350 square foot commercial unit just north of Highway 7 and Centre Street. I am looking for a colleague to rent out one of my two offices.

The commercial space for rent is at ground level, with plenty of free parking and a direct walk into a charming waiting area with a convenient positioned washroom.

The office is spectacular. When you walk into the office the first thing you will notice are the two walls of windows.  The larger bank of windows faces out to a natural reserve location.  You will never feel claustrophobic in this office.  Off in the distance are walking paths which go on for miles along the river front and marshland. The contents of the office are exquisite. There is a cherry wood Partner’s desk imbedded with leather blotters, ideal for face-to-face testing. There are four comfortable leather chairs situated around a cherry coffee table suitable for a relaxed discussion of serious topics.

You are welcome to access the kitchen and lounge to relax between clients or to catch a bite to eat.  The back area of my unit is a work in progress but currently features a full kitchen and seating area of couches.  All you need is to bring your files and the picture is complete.

Does this sound like an office space that suits you?   Let’s meet to make sure there is a good fit. I am sure you can appreciate that with a space like this I want to keep it in great shape and to make sure the person I work with is responsible for keeping the area in great condition. Upon renting the space to you, you may not rent the office space out to someone else; in other words, there is no subletting option.  

Please call or email me to arrange a time to talk. 

Laurel Murray


January 23, 2017

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